Madison Bredice

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Spanish Major | Sociology Minor | Latin American and Digital Studies Certificates |

Hello! My name is Madison Bredice. I am currently enrolled in my sophomore year here at UPG. I grew up in Delmont, Pennsylvania very close to the university. I live with my twin brother and my mother.

I have chosen to pursue Spanish at the university level to help out immigrants within the United States. I hope to work for a government agency or as an NGO to do this. A lot of times I feel as though that immigrants are very misjudged and I want to help them overcome all the obstacles they have faced. I am also pursing a Sociology minor to further my knowledge in how people act within society which will help me greatly when working with people from different countries and cultures. I am also pursing certificates in Latin American Studies and Digital Studies. The Latin American Studies certificate gives me greater knowledge on the histories of Latin American countries and cultures which is vital to being a Spanish major. The Digital Studies Certificate gives me more backgrounds with computers so if need be, I can translate things on a computer or computer software in the future.

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